European Masters Games 2023 Final Day Results

EMG 2023 event has been completed! The three-day competition saw tight competition with smiling faces. The prizes for the six diffetent categoris were handed out outside the clubhouse in beautiful sunshine on Sunday afternoon. Tammer-Golf was proud to host this event of 35 player of seven different nationalities.

The women's 35+ series saw a very tight and even competition, with the top three all within one point. The win was taken by Taru Västilä. The second and third places were decided on the basis of a handicap. TG's Sini Rajala scored the best overall SCR of 267 for women

Womens 55+

1. Erika-Tarko Viljanen 89 p.

2. Riitta Koskinen 72 p.

3. Francine Mayers (Belgium) 47 p.

Womens 35+

1. Taru Västilä 88 p.

2. Sini Rajala 87 p.

3. Satu Virkkunen 87 p.

Womens SCR

1. Sini Rajala 267

2. Erika Tarko-Viljanen 274

3. Riitta Koskinen 307

Mens 65+

1. Leo Neowen (Belgium) 93p.

2. Mika Sillanpää 90p

3. Ray Nyroos (Canada) 69p

Mens 55+

1. Marcus Foot (New Zeland) 107p

2. Markku Parviainen 105p.

3. Jörg Imhoff (Germany) 96p.

Mens 45+

1. Phillip Fassbender (Canada) 102p

2. Bob Pace (Great-Britain) 96p

3. Bob Quad (New Zeland)


Mens 35+

1. Cris Bradley (Great-Britain) 99p.

2. Jack Musgrove (Great Britain) 97p.

3. Ville Rajala 95p.​​​​​​​

Mens SCR

1. Cris Bradley (Great-Britain) 219

2. Jack Musgrove (Great-Britain) 222

3. Bob Pace (Great-Britain) 229

We also saw great competition sprit in all of mens categoris. To keep up the exeinment for the results the starting order for the final day was in reversed SCR order. The best over all SCR was scored by Great-Britains Cris Bradley 219. Over all the best bogey points score of 105 was playd by New Zelands Marcus Foot.

To see more of the results please visit the competition site from the link below.

Tammer-Golf congratulates all the winners and thanks all the competitors and volenteers. Also many thanks for the City of Tampere for hosting the European Mastes Games event. The next games are set to be held in Italy 2027

More picutes from the competition weekend from the link below